Kansas City Athlete Training offering speed and agility group classes and personal training for youth and high school boys and girls in Kansas City Missouri

  • Kansas City Athlete Training

    At the Kansas City Athlete Training Facility, located 3 miles north of downtown Kansas City Missouri, we offer all sports athlete training for high school and youth athletes both boys and girls throughout the Kansas City Missouri Metro Area. The opportunities are not restricted for players associated with one team but are open to all players both boys and girls from anywhere in the KC Metro Area. We provide training for all sports and athletics via our speed and agility group classes and our elite training group classes which we recommend of our older athletes and personal training sessions for those athletes looking for specific 1-on-1 training. Our experienced staff has been conducting speed and agility and training athletes since 2005.



    Our goal is to teach our athletes that your effort is important. Hard Work = Improvement = Success which will get you results. Each class we select an Effort Champion which is picked by the class instructors for the athlete who worked the hardest and went the extra mile. This is not given to the athlete who jumps the highest or who runs the fastest but who gives the most effort for that class. This allows each and every athlete the same opportunity to be the Effort Champion. Champions then have their picture taken with one of our Championship Belts and our posted on our Kansas City Athlete Training Facebook Page.

    Past Effort Champions for their effort and work ethic during one of our Speed and Agility Classes held at Kansas City Athlete Training Facility in Kansas City Missouri


  • Affordable Speed and Agility Group Classes for boys and girls both youth and high school athletes at Kansas City Athlete Training in Kansas City Missouri